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Borim Logistics

  • The Hygiene Grade Certificate, "Very Excellent" certified Highway Rest Stop

    (The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)

  • Korea's Top 10 Best Highway Rest Stop Food Selected
  • Highway Rest Stop with culture and rest

With the grand opening of the Gyeongbu Expressway in 1973, there are Cheonan-Samgeori Highway Rest Stop (Seoul direction) and Jugam Highway Rest Stop (Seoul direction). The highway rest stop operated by Borim Logistics Co., Ltd. is doing its best to provide clean hygiene and delicious food services, and we would like to present a rest stop that goes well with culture and relaxation.

Rest Stop

We impress customers with various amenities and our experienced expertise

  • Cheonan-Samgeori Highway Rest Stop

  • Jugam Highway Rest Stop

Borim Logistics Operating Cold-storage and Refrigerated Warehouse Business in Logistics Business.

Equipped with Facilities and Systems for Low-temperature and refrigerated items.

Total Scale of 529,200 square feet (14,700 pyeong)

75,000t of storage capacity

In 1994, Cheongju Refrigerated Warehouse (storage capacity: 45,000 tons) was established in Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si, and the cold-storage and refrigerated warehouse (storage capacity: 30,000 tons) was newly built and operated in Gamcheon Port, Busan in October 2007. Based on our experience and expertise, we are striving to expand the warehouse industry through the construction of general and refrigerated warehouses.

Cold-storage and Refrigerated Warehouse

High-tech logistics technologies and large-scale facilities innovate refrigerated warehouse business and the Full Service logistics systems.

  • Cheongju Cold-storage and Refrigerated Warehouse

  • Busan Cold-storage and Refrigerated Warehouse

  • Logistics Information System